TRS Agenda is to work for people: Kavitha


Hyderabad, December 19: TRS MP Kavitha from Nizamabad, today said that there is nothing wrong in calling Opposition Leader in Parliament and AICC President Rahul Gandhi as a buffoon for his ridiculous act of giving a hug to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and winking in Parliament. TRS President and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao termed Rahul Gandhi as a buffoon for such act in the parliament and there is nothing wrong, Kavitha asserted.

Talking to media persons in Delhi along with MPs Jithender Reddy, Viond Kumar, Narsaiah Goud, she charged that Rahul Gandhi violated parliamentary norms and indulged in such acts of giving hug to the Prime Minister and then winking at him. Rahul deserves to be called buffoon for his mischievous act in the parliament even as the entire country was watching the proceedings. One used to call anyone buffoon for behaving in a silly manner.

Kavitha asserted that the TRS President has taken as a prestige the Federal Front formation. The new front at the Centre will be for bringing in qualitative change in national politics against the Congress and the BJP. ‘Our agenda is clear, to work for the people of the country and not just for the political parties’. Kavitha also expressed hope that some alliances at national level emerged victorious and others failed to do so. The Federal Front to be led by KCR will be an alternative for the congress and the BJP in the Centre, she added.

She said the Congress which had been attributing its defeat to the EVMs till yesterday, must have been cautioned by the leadership about the same EVMs getting the party a victory in three other States. Finally it began crediting the defeat to Congress alliance with N Chandrababu Naidu. The Congress State unit seem to be going to cite its tie up with TDP before its high command as the sole cause of its debacle in the State. By doing so they had reduced the party into a laughing stock. A true leader would always come forward to take responsibility of the outcome in the polls- whether it be a defeat of a victory, she added.

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