Covid-19: TRS local body representatives donate Rs. 9.51 Cr

18,190 TRS elected leaders to donate one month salary of Rs. Rs 9,51,17,500


Hyderabad, March 25: TRS Local Bodies Public representatives have decided to donate their one-month’s salary of Rs 9,51,17, 500 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

To this effect, TRS Municipal Corporation Mayors, Corporators, Municipal Chairperson, Counsellors, ZP Chairpersons, ZPTCs, MPTCs and Sarpanches have gave their consent to the Chief Minister. They urged the government to utilise their contributions to the measures taken to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the State. “Initiatives taken by CM KCR have inspired us. He has shown commitment to prevent any danger to the people in Telangana State due to the spread of Corona virus. That’s why we’ve decided to donate our one month’s honorarium,” they said.

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has appreciated the decision taken by the local body representatives. He hailed the generosity exhibited by the local body representatives is inspiring.

  • The TRS has 99 Corporators in the GHMC including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Their one month’s salary of Rs 6, 57,00 will be credited to the CM’s Relief Fund.
  • There are 12 Municipal Corporations in the State excluding Hyderabad in which TRS Mayors and deputy Mayors are there. TRS has 491 Corporators. Their one-month’s salary is Rs 36, 64,000. This will be given to the CMRF.
  • TRS has 114 Chairpersons and 106 Vice Chairpersons in the Municipalities. Their one-month salary is Rs 84, 26, 500.
  • In 32 ZPs in the State TRS party are the Chairpersons. Their one-month’s salary is Rs 32 Lakhs.
  • There are 449 ZPTCs and their one-month’s salary is Rs 44, 90,000.
  • There are 441 MPPs and their one-month’s salary is Rs 44,10,000.
  • There are 3, 571 TRS MPTCs and their one-month’s salary is Rs 1, 78, 55,000.
  • There are 10, 483 TRS Sarpanches and their one-month’s salary is Rs 5, 24, 15,000.
  • ZP Chairpersons, ZPTCs, MPPs, MPTCs and Sarpanches one month’s salary of Rs 8, 23, 70,000 will be given to the CMRF.
  • In all, 18,190 TRS Local Body representatives are crediting Rs 9, 51, 17, 500 one-month salary to the CMRF.
  • TRS Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, MLAs, MLCs have already announced their one month’s salary to the CMRF. The MPs have decided to donate their Rs 5 Crore per year Constituency development fund and the MLAs their Rs 3 Crore per year Development Fund to the CMRF. This amounts to Rs 500 Crore.
  • The TRS MPs, MLAs and local bodies representatives have donated in large numbers as the State is going through a difficult times. They demonstrated their generosity and remained as role models to the entire country.

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