Coronavirus: Death toll reaches 26,826


Washington: Coronavirus has spread to all 195 countries in the world. So far, more 5.85 lakh people are infected while 26,826 people have died. More 1.3 lakh patients have also been cured. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson became infected with Coronavirus on Friday. Some time later, Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock also reported himself to be infected. Earlier on Thursday, the infection was also confirmed in Prince Charles. In Italy, 969 people died between Thursday and Friday. 51 doctors have also lost their lives.

Italy: 51 doctors also die

The Doctor Association of Italy reported on Friday evening that so far 51 doctors have also died due to corona infection. According to a report, 969 people died between Thursday and Friday. The total death toll has been 9,134. According to the Civil Protection Agency, as many as 4,401 new cases were reported on Thursday.

Senegal: Diagnostic Kit Silver Lining

Medical experts from the African country of Senegal and Britain are testing a new diagnostic kit. This will report the corona test in just 10 minutes. The price will also be just 1 dollar. If this kit meets the set standards, it will benefit African countries more than the poorer countries, says a report.
Metro rail service has been resumed in some provinces of China.

New York: 512 policemen infected

A senior New York police officer has confirmed that 512 policemen have been found corona infected. However, officially this number has been stated as 161.

America: Increasing infection every day

A total of 96,968 cases were reported in the US till 12 pm on Friday night. 1,477 victims have died.

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to US President Donald Trump on Friday. He offered help to America. The US did not respond to China’s proposal. There has already been rhetoric on the Corona infection in both countries. Trump said – China did not give timely information. In response, China advised to desist from politics.

US: 25 naval infected

The US warship Theodore Roosevelt was found to have infected 25 navies on Friday. Three positive cases were reported on this vessel two days ago. Despite the transition to the ship, Chief of Naval Operations Mike Guild said – Our stand will be aggressive. We are ready to deal with any crisis.

South Africa has been locked down for three weeks from Friday. So far, 927 positive cases of corona have been reported in South Africa. It is the highest among African countries. However, no deaths occurred.

Meanwhile, the Australian government announced a second phase lockdown in the country this week.

Turkey: 75 killed

In Turkey, 16 people died on Thursday. A total of 75 people have died here so far. At the same time, there have been 3,629 cases of infection. The risk of community outbreak in the country has increased.

Russia: 196 new cases in 24 hours

There have been 196 new cases in Russia in the last 24 hours. So far 1,036 positive cases have been found here and 3 have died. 45 infected are cured. President Vladimir Putin said- We will deal with Corona in less than 2-3 months.

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